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Welcome to TextMyProfile.com! Our service will allow you to send free text messages to your friends, family, etc., without paying a penny! If you've gone over your text messaging limit, or don't want to use your text messages, our service is perfect for you! Check out our new blog. Find reviews of PDAs, Handhelds and Voice Recorders.

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Now TextMyProfile.com allows you to customize Friendster homepages by adding a free SMS text box! Imaging giving your Friendster friends the ability to send free SMS text messages to your cell phone right from your Friendster page for no charge. They donít even need your cell phone number! What could be a better addition to your Friendster MySpace or Blog homepage than adding online text to your list of features?

Just fill out the form below to get your TextMyProfile.com code, and you can add the text message email service to you Friendster.com page right away. Receive funny SMS text message, a sweet love text message, a birthday text message and more. Teach your friends how to text message a cell phone from a computer and get free text messaging today!

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